Operation Theaters

Nawaloka Hospitals PLC, The State of the Art facility consists of 14 operating theatres with 2 dedicated theatres for obstetrics and gynecology and 2 private delivery suites and 2 specialized operating theatre with laminar air flow facilities specially designed for neurosurgery and orthopedic surgeries.

This State of the Art high technology operating theatre complex is the largest in the private sector today.

The theatres are specially designed and equipped to perform specific surgeries as indicated below

Eye surgeriesTheater 1
General / Laparoscopic /
Plastic surgeries
Theater 2
Eye SurgeriesTheater 3
Neuro / Plastic surgeriesTheater 4
Urology SurgeriesTheater 5
General / ENT SurgeriesTheater 6
OPD Patient SurgeriesTheater 7
General / Out PatientTheater 8

Orthopedic Surgeries / Neuro Surgeries

With Laminar Flow

Theater 11
Orthoprdic Surgeries / Neuro SurgeriesTheater 10
Cardiac SurgeriesTheater 11
Cardiac SurgeriesTheater 12
Gynocology / Obstetrics SurgeriesTheater 14
Gynocology / Obstetrics SurgeriesTheater 15
With 2 Special Private Delivery Suits2

Cardiac Unit

  • Cardiac Unit is the place where we admit patient for angiogram (investigations done for detecting heart ailments)
  • After the angiogram Cardiologist decide on course of action to be taken. It can be CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass - Graft)- Bypass Surgery or Angioplasty with or without stenting
  • If bypass surgery is to be done Cardiologist refers the patient to a Cardiothoracic Surgeon for Surgery. If the patient is not suitable for surgery due to many high risk factors Cardiologist decide to manage the illness with angioplasty.
  • Admitting patient Angiograms, Angioplasty or Surgery is administered by the Cardiac Unit. Financial management to issue quotations for needy patients to raise funds is done by this unit.
  • Correspondence for such requests for financial assistance to the President Fund and numerous other places is done by the Cardiac Unit. When the financial side is settled with assurances from financing organization or by the patient himself Cardiac Unit commence issuing date arranging for surgery #amp;amp; to liaise with the Surgeon etc.
  • Thereafter the surgeries or other procedures (angioplasty) are carried out in the CU.
Operation Theaters2 Operation Theaters