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Enjoy Life Without Specs

Wouldn't it be nice if you never had to worry About losing your glasses or contact lenses again ? You won't have to fumble around your desk for Your glasses just to read the time You could play any sport and enjoy any outdoor Activity unhampered by glasses. You will feel Confident and good about your looks without Them.

You won't have to get up in the morning And worry about the hassle of wearing contacts. You could even save the ongoing expenses of Cleaning solutions and replacements as well as The high cost of spectacles. You know you'd Be safe from loss or breaking glasses or Contacts. There would be nothing stopping You from wearing the most fashionable Sunglasses. Your everyday comfort is assured Because you will not be troubled by the weight Of heavy specs.

Why Lasik ?

With lasik, you could enjoy a life without visual Restrictions through a short and relatively painless Procedure.

  • Generally healthy eyes and cornea, free from diseases.
  • Have had stable refractive errors for at least one year.
  • Must not be pregnant or nursing.
  • Some people are better candidates than others therefore It is important to consult your Eye surgeon to discuss the realistic benefits which differ from patient to patient.

How can LASIK help me?

If suffer from short-sightedness/ far-sightedness/astigmatism / need for glasses, then LASIK could correct these visual impairments.

What is LASIK Surgery?

LASIK is the abbreviation for "Laser assisted In-situkeratomileusis". Despite the long name, it is a very short, Easy procedure. To understand. There are three Parts to the procedure. The eyelids will be Kept open by a device called a speculum, While the patient is requested to maintain Eye fixation on red light during the procedure. A thin flap of corneal tissue is peeled off with One end of it still attached to the cornea which Is called a flap (Similar to a door being opened).

The cornea is then reshaped to individual Requirement by laser. The cornea flap is placed back on the cornea (like a door being closed) within 5 minutes the flap adheres to its original position without the use of stitches. The procedure is performed on an "outpatient" on The day of the surgery. Anesthetic eye drops are Administered to numb the eye for painless surgery. The overall procedure takes only a few minutes to Perform.

  • No Injection
  • No anesthesia
  • No admition
  • This method is in operation for over 25 years
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