Haemodialysis Unit

Haemodialysis is the treatment for kidney failure which occurs due to many reasons. Early detection and treatment can save many kidneys.

If a person only has kidney impairment, careful attention must be given to protein, potassium and water intake. Those who are not on dialysis but have renal failure must also be extremely careful with protein (meat, tofu, beans, fish, chicken, etc.), potassium and water intake.

As well as cleaning the blood, the dialysis machine also removes excess water. This part of the process is called ultra filtration which can be done separately without dialysis.

Location : MICU
Contact Person : Nursing Superintendent Inchage SNO Vithana
Contact No : +94 11 2304444
Extension : 23 / 374 / 375 / 376 / 1714
E-mail : Haemodialysis Unit
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