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Nawaloka Fertility Centre
Can help you to realize your Dream !

Although, one in five couples are deprived the joy of having a baby, Nawaloka Fertility Centre has the answer to your problem.

We have helped numerous sub fertile couples conceive through selective high-tech procedure, resulting in a delivery of a healthy baby. Our team of skilled professionals which includes female Gynecologists, Embryologists, Radiologists and Technicians who work with dedication to investigate and determine the exact cause of your sub fertility and provide the ideal treatment to correct this problem.

You are assured of the highest confidentiality and total transparency in a warm and caring environment. All our clients are looked after with tender loving care and a high degree of professional and personalized treatment.

Our recent IVF success rates have been between 23% to 55%

You dont have to face the future without the joy of a lovely baby. Place your trust in the Nawaloka Fertility Centre !

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Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)Insemination of prepared sperm into the uterine cavity
Invitro Fertilization Embryo Transfer (IVF,ET)Invitro fertilization i.e. mixing of the sperm and egg outside the body in a Petridish
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)Injection of a single sperm into a mature egg
Testicular Biopsy (TB)Taking biopsy of testes to collect sperm from the testes
Micro Epididyamal Sperm Aspiration (MESA)Removal of the sperm from the Epididymis.
Frozen Embryo TransferTransfer of the frozen embryos into the uterine cavity.
Sperm BankFrozen and screened semen samples which can be used for treating patients with no sperms.

Fertility Centre is open from

  • Monday to Saturday 8am - 5.30pm
  • Sundays ,Holidays 8am - 1pm
Fertility Centre
Location:4th Floor, New Nawaloka Complex,
Contact Persons:

Dr. Shan Perera
Dr. Lakmali Fernando

Resident Consultant : Dr D Maruthini MS (Col) MRCOG (UK) MD (UK) Consultant Fertility Sub-specialist

Contact No:

+94 11 5528877 / Rohan - 076 760 2982

Fax :5551144



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