Breast Care Centre

Nawaloka hospital pioneered breast care in Sri Lanka over ten years ago. Today we are proud to launch the next stage, holistic breast care backed by the latest in technology at the Nawaloka Breast Care Center. The Nawaloka Breast Care Center features an entire team, from surgeons to counselors to specially trained nursing staff, to support, guide and treat any woman. Our staff knows that whilst breast cancer is predominant in the mind of most females over forty years of age there are other conditions that could inconvenience women, if not threaten their quality of life. That’s why at the Nawaloka Breast Care Center we are equipped with the latest technology that helps us diagnose faster and more accurately than ever before. We at Nawaloka are proud to offer all women the next stage of care at the Nawaloka Breast Care Centre.

The highlights of this center

  •  “One-stop” consultants are available at this center.

  •  All relevant investigations such as mammography, ultrasound scan of the breast, FNAC, and blood tests will be carried out at this center.

  •  An evaluation and a possible diagnosis will be made and the treatment plan will be discussed by a multi disciplinary team of consultants including Surgeons, Radiologists, Pathologists and an Oncologist if necessary.

  •  An added feature will be a supportive counseling to the patient and the family.

  •  After relevant treatment is completed, the follow up and reviews will also be arranged by the center.

Some symptoms, signs and risk factors of breast problems

  •  Discharges from the nipple

  •  Pain in breasts

  •  Feeling a lump/mass in your breasts

  •  Change in shape of your breast/nipple retraction

  •  Long term use of birth control pills

  •  Early menarche and late menopause

  •  Family history of breast cancer

  •  Long term use of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)


This is a radiological investigation used to diagnose breast tumours. It is mainly done as a screening / diagnostic test of breast pathology.

Hologic Dimension 8000

World’s best 3D HOLOGIC Digital Mammogram Available at the Nawaloka Breast Care Center.

  • 3D Mammography will detect more cancers of the breast which can be missed by 2D mammography alone.

  • Rapid scans, taking few seconds with minimal radiation.

  • Least comfort and pain

  • Stereotactic tru-cut biopsy.

  • Vacuum assisted excision biopsy.